Norman Lüdtke from K&L in Lithuania: Insight into sustainable processes

October 15, 2023

Our vision at K&L Sustainable Process is to improve existing processes for the plastics recycling industry and to develop new, highly efficient, energy-saving processes.
We optimize the energy efficiency of existing systems and improve processes to increase reliability.
We work in a future-oriented manner and advance the state of the art by developing innovative measurement technology. This enables us to constantly increase the degree of automation and reduce the associated costs.

True to the motto of producing the highest quality at low cost.

Norman Lüdtke, Senior Expert Process Engineer, visited a company in Lithuania last week on behalf of our K&L Sustainable Process brand.

This began its main activity in the collection and processing of secondary raw materials for sorting. In the meantime, the company has continued to develop and opened its own processing plant in 2015 and has been in operation for independent plastics processing and pellet production ever since.

Mr. Lüdtke gained an insight into our potential customer and got to know all the processes there and worked out proposals for optimizing and saving energy in the company’s entire workflow.